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Adventist education is so much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. The real purpose is to teach our children a path that will lead them to eternal life with Jesus Christ. Our schools partner with families and churches to develop Christian men and women equipped with faith, wisdom, knowledge, integrity and the joy of service. But for many families, Adventist education appears financially out of reach. In this land of opportunity and success, some of our families struggle to provide the essentials. Even with sacrificial living, the cost of Adventist education seems an insurmountable financial challenge. At this crossroad of our history, Adventist education cannot be considered a luxury.

Affordable Adventist education must be available to every student in our Conference. This will only be possible with funding from new sources. We have the privilege of becoming part of the solution – joining in the sacrifice and a faith adventure with God. An Educational Endowment will make a tremendous difference. This bold vision of providing funds for tuition assistance for qualifying families is the inspiration that led to the creation of the Educational Endowment. Its purpose: To keep Seventh-day Adventist education affordable To pass our unique Christ-centered values and Church beliefs to the next generation To prepare future church leaders who are sensitive to our increasingly diverse Church The Endowment is not designed to replace existing local school funding. The fair and equitable distribution of the earned interest will be managed by the Educational Endowment Policy and Review Committee, comprised of lay leaders and church administrators. Phase I is the beginning of a much larger dream.

The ultimate Endowment goal is 10 times greater. We believe there is no limit to what God can do when we come together unified in prayer, faith and support. The Educational Endowment will help guarantee that our children are given every opportunity for success – both in this world and for eternity.

Phase II Goal - 3 Million Dollars 

Phase I Goal - 1.5 Million Dollars - COMPLETED

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