While reading an article about philanthropy in the Aprill 11, 2008 issue of The Week, we found this quote, "Researchers at the University of British Columbia have proved that spending cash on others is far more satisfying than spending it selfishly. When a group of students was given money and directed to give it away, they reported feeling happier than when they'd kept the cash." This should come as no great surprise to us, since God said essentially the same thing when He was here on earth. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Somehow I always thought that meant He would give more blessings to those that gave rather than received, but now I find that we're hardwired to be cheerful givers. Our God is quick to provide us with every good thing!
Since beginning to work with all the cheerful givers here in Central California Conference, we have grown more and more committed to seeing the improvements needed at Camp Wawona, Soquel and in the Educational Endowment. Each of these projects is worthy of our enthusiasm and support individually, but put it all together and it's simply a privilege to be a part of something so important and beneficial.
We know you feel the same as we hear your stories of the prayer, volunteering and monetary support you have been able to offer. We have made huge strides toward our goals in each of these three areas, and with your continued support we'll accomplish our ultimate targets.
May God continue to bless you with your heart's desires.
Bob and Mary Bishop
Capital Campaign Volunteer Committee members